Ingebrigtsen om EU-avstemmingen

Popartisten Christian Ingebrigtsen kommer med tydelige signal om hva han ville stemt, om han hadde stemmerett, i folkeavstemmingen som er dagens store politiske spørsmål i Europa.

Christian Ingebrigtsen som allerede er godt kjent som en engasjert artist får spørsmål på om EU-saken. Svaret hans er ganske klart, selv om han legger til at saken er vanskelig.

–Very difficult… But I hope you’ll stay, skriver han på

Christian Ingebrigtsen har tidligere laget en sang for Fremskrittspartiet, en sang partiet brukte aktivt i forbindelse med valgkamp.

Redaktøren om spørsmål
Liberalerens redaktør, Per Aage Pleym Christensen, har lagt ut en tekst på egen Facebook-profil:
«?#?Brexit? or ?#?Remain? – that’s the question of today. Would Britain be better off without the EU? For Norway the old trade agreement was not sufficient. The participation in the European Economic Area secured a better access to theEuropean market. But as the years went by Norway became the best non-member to pass EU-legislation, without any influence at all. Norway is a fax-member of the EU; we receive new laws by fax from Brüssels, and implement to Norwegian law. It seems Norwegians are satisfied with this solution. It gives an illution of democracy. Norway is independent and free! But is it true? Boris Johnson said “Stand up for democracy and vote Leave”. EU is a democracy. In a democracy the majority win, but the minority has rights too. You may not like the desicions of the majority, but at least you had something to say. Maybe you influenced the desicions. If Britain leave, you will have no influence at all. Maybe you can get a trade agreement with the EU, but don’t expect them to look upon you as the confused and lost cousin of Europe. Maybe you will fuel more nationalism in Europe. Is that really a good deed? I am not in favour of a deeper integration in Europe, and Britain may be the only country that can manage to slow the process. But not if you leave.».

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