Editorial Line

The purpose of The Liberal is to share liberal ideas. We aim to become the leading internet newspaper on the liberal right.

The Liberal is optimistic about the future. The world has become increasingly better, and individual freedom and the market economy can make the world an even better place.

The Liberal wants to be a place for happy liberals who enjoy the good sides of life. Bitterness, anger, and fear are destructive forces that bring nothing good to the struggle for freedom.

The Liberal is pro-immigration. The state should not decide where people should live or work. We work for a world where people can move wherever they want, both within countries and between countries. Migration is a positive force for a better world.

The Liberal is tolerant and positive. Since people are different, it is natural to have a variety of personal choices. We like people to choose their own path and live the life they want.

The Liberal is value liberal and not only concerned with economic freedom. People’s freedom of belief and freedom of expression are central freedoms founded in people’s self-ownership and private property rights. People have the right to live their lives as they wish, regardless of what the majority thinks is right.

The Liberal is principled and concerned with ideology. We are concerned that liberal ideas are taken seriously and not just brought up in party speeches. A liberal world is possible.

The Liberal is current and concerned with what is happening in society. We look for small steps in the right direction. For the individual person, a small increase in freedom or prosperity can be very important.

The Liberal is open and curious about new ideas and solutions. True liberals do not get stuck in the reality of yesterday but look for tomorrow’s possibilities.

The Liberal should contribute to open and enlightening discussions about how we can adapt liberalism in a practical way in the society in which we live.

The Liberal is a supporter of globalization and believes that the nation-state should not stand in the way of the free flow of goods, services, capital, and people. However, the good alternative to the state is individual freedom, not new and supranational bureaucracies.

The Liberal likes technological development. Technology has helped give people a standard of living that previous generations could not even dream of. We look forward to the continued technological improvements of the future that will solve existing problems and create new opportunities.

The Liberal is liberatingly free from Christian conservatism, nationalism and immigration skepticism.

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